Spain - Day 3 - Chocolate Croissant (10/30/18)

“You have nothing to worry about film can go in there.”

I proceed to shove my camera through a scanning machine.

How to get this Washed look:

Canon 400TX loaded into your camera and pass it through the scanning machine at La Sagrada Familia.


La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia


How did you put it together?

Did it come easy?

Did ideas ever come apart

When you set pen to it

Outlining the very ache

Days mulling over your opus

Perfect picture so often missed

We hope for it

Ugh, Hope is often for the lost

I hope for our sake that it works for you

You get to see what you’ve created

It aches you

Your crypt below

All here to watch you

Your opus it speaks

We all lift our heads to hear it

With our cellular phones held up above

Maybe we can see it clearer with our phones in between

Just how you would have liked it

La Sagrada Familia

Best part of this morning was the chocolate croissant I ate. It had the side crusted in chocolate and inside there was a bar of dark chocolate going through it.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia

Gaudi day! See it if you want.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia

I am trying to find an identity to Barcelona. It has been two days and I have not come up with anything.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia


I don’t understand it

Tapas, Coffee, and people from everywhere

All foreign

Who the fuck is from here?

I am foreign also, but I want to learn

I want to know

Met a man from Argentina

A woman from Montreal

Two Women from Austrailia

A man from Chile

A beautiful woman from Venenzuela

All types of people

All types of tourists

All searching for something

We don’t know what that is

All these days piling behind me

When it’s all said and done

Going to find myself back in L.A.

Inside of a coffee shop

Sad about my world never being the same

Casa Pedrera

Casa Pedrera

Casa Pedrera

Casa Pedrera

Casa Pedrera redeemed Gaudi for me. It was intimate and I enjoyed the interior of the home. The roof was also amazing.

Casa Pedrera

Casa Pedrera