Spain - Day 4 - Rainy Day (Halloween)

Biocici with the homie! A bike inspired coffee shop that became my go to coffee shop. The owner moved from Italy and he makes amazing pizza.

With Paul at Biocici Coffee and Pizza!

With Paul at Biocici Coffee and Pizza!

“What are you going to do with it?”

“You want to go see the Agbar Tower? It lights up”

Barcelona streets

Barcelona streets


On rain filled days

In new shoes that don’t work well in rain

Step after step

The phallus calls

Ring, ring

Hurry are you on your way?

Step after step

Raise the umbrella

Jump over the puddle

Hurry down the street

Wait for the light

“I am been excited to see it”

I smile, aight

“It lights up”

We hurry down the street

Street after street

I should not be out here

Not at this moment

I woke up with a runny nose

I didn’t bring a sweater

But I am going to the Phallus

Hurry up the hill

Round the corner

Make it to the end

There it is

It failed to light up

It failed to come up

It failed to make a stand

What a dumb ass Phallus

I am worse off for coming to see you



Halloween party! Great people horrible music.

Enzo, Paul, Me

Enzo, Paul, Me

Me, Robert and Lauren

Me, Robert and Lauren

They care for Halloween here.