Knife...What can I say about it. We threw everything at it and maybe it was too much to throw at a project. One that could have been helped with taking a step back and keeping it simple. I wrote the script in a night along my partner and homie Aldo Joenes. Michael was great help in getting the project off the ground and shooting on his RED it was pretty awesome to conduct my first set, but it was definitely stressful juggling everything that had to be juggled. It was a great time and I learned a great deal about my weaknesses. Things I have to improve upon when working on set.

Knife is a tale of paranoia and a story about how long as humans we take to heal. Even when scars are long gone we carry moments with us long after they are gone.


I would like to thank Jonathan Franco, Alberto Gutierrez, Michael Greenwood, Illiana, Lisa Luna, Jeffrey Venter, Kimmy, Mayank, Nic Jurand, James, and Bob Semmer at FotoKem.