I will never say that I was the kid who wanted to make films. At a young age I loved movies, but I was more interested in girls and getting in trouble. I do remember wanting to document everything I did my step-dad bought me my first camera. I also loved hearing ghost stories you could have lured me into a van if you had a good ghost story to tell me as a kid. I lived for those types of scares. I was also deeply invested in schlocky horror films and Mexican anthology series like Casos de La Vida Real. I grew up in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles a mile outside of Downtown L.A. I have lived my whole life off of 3rd Street and I have always kept a passive eye on my surroundings.

I went to CSU Northridge for college where I graduated as a screenwriting major with Cum Laude honors. I also won a scholarship for the first complete screenplay I wrote titled, En Las Manos de Dios. That same screenplay placed in Final Draft’s Big Break Competition in 2015. I did not build the connections I would have liked while I was in college. I spent most of my time catching up to my peers and looking after my father who was going through cancer treatment. I spent a lot of time in that single apartment watching and reading films.

After I graduated from CSUN I entertained the idea of going to grad school, but I wanted to work and I had to keep an eye on my father. That meant driving him to and from his chemotherapy treatments. Driving him out to Simi Valley where he enjoyed spending time with my aunt. The year between 2015-2016 was a time of change my father passed away due to complications with his Colon and I found a full time position at FotoKem where I have been for the last three years.

This past February a short film I wrote titled NATIVES was produced at USC via the Peter Stark Producing Grant.  

I want to tell stories that contribute to the beautiful history of cinema from the perspective a Mexican American boy from Los Angeles.


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